DSS Expo for Young Scientists

DSS Expo was held on 19 May. Grade 10 and 11 Life Sciences learners entered projects as well as the Grade 9 Natural Sciences learners.

Expo requires in-depth research skills as well as dedication to and focus on the research topic sometimes over a number of weeks or even months. Achievements in Expo are therefore a result of a lot of plain hard work.

The overall winner was a Grade 11 pair, Joseph Grobler and Iliya Matveyuk, with their project entitled ‘Go-Eco’. The overall Best Poster was awarded to Grade 9 learners, Sabina Allen and Rita Joosten, for their project entitled ‘Tadpole Trauma’.

The Grade 11 winning project was as ‘Go-Eco’ researched by Joseph Grobler and Iliya Matveyuk.
The  Grade 10 winning project was ‘Brilliant Bananas’ researched by Sara Knieper and Elise Mertens.
The Grade 9 winning project was ‘Enviro-nergy’  researched by Luke Allen and Ndumiso Mhkize.