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Welcome to Domino Servite School


19  All learners attend classes
22,23  Netball 10-13 selections
22,23  Soccer 17-19 selections
24,25  Netball 16-19 selections
24,25  Soccer 14-16 selections
26  Netball 14,15 selections
26  Soccer 10-13 selections

Mini cricket 6-9 selections
Cricket 10-13 selections
Girls Hockey 17-19 selections
Girls Hockey 14-16 selections
Cricket 14-19 selections
Girls Hockey 10-13 selections
Start of FET term tests
17  End of FET term tests
31  End of Term 1 (tbc)

100% pass2

Mission Statement

Domino Servite School is committed to creating a happy, Christian-based environment wherein all learners are encouraged to demonstrate respect and responsible citizenship, academic excellence and Bible-based moral values.


The Domino Servite School community endeavours to provide an educational program that prepares all learners to develop their talents, confidence and self-respect. We strive to achieve high academic standards that will equip our learners to fulfil a useful role in society with excellence and integrity.


Learners at Domino Servite receive a globally relevant education. Our learners benefit from experienced and dedicated staff and a value-based curriculum that prepares them for the challenges of the 21st century. Domino Servite School is situated in the KZN midlands, South Africa. It is an independent English-medium Christian school founded in 1986, combining pre-primary, primary, high and post school studies. Domino Servite was accredited by Umalusi in 2013 and is an IQQA approved ISASA school since 2018.

Full boarding is provided for boys and girls from Grade 7-12. About 45% of high school learners are residential boarders who are housed in the boarding facilities. The comfortable and spacious facilities and caring staff establish a happy and fulfilling boarding life at school.

Boarding has many benefits for boys and girls, providing a structured environment where they can benefit academically and develop self-discipline, maturity, independence and social skills.

Online learning became a reality at the beginning of Term 2 2020, replacing contact lessons as a result of the national lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Due to the continuing pandemic, online learning has become as familiar as contact learning. 2021 for Gr 8-12 started online and it will remain a necessary platform into the future.

The co-curricular program is an integral part of education at Domino Servite. On the sports field and the stage, musically, environmentally and in service to the community, learners are encouraged to develop their skills and talents and contribute to the esprit de corps of the school community.


Contact Details

+27(0)32 481 5509
+27(0)32 481 5335
[email protected]

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Accredited by Umalusi