Harmonic Brass


Harmonic Brass Munich, a professional brass quintet, was established in 1991.

Hans Zellner, Gergely Lukács, Andreas Binder, Thomas Lux, and Manfred Häberlein make up the group of 1 Hungarian and 4 German musicians who travel around the globe playing up to 120 concerts a year. On the South African leg of their 2014 tour they paid us a brief visit on 20 May.

They conducted a short workshop for the DSS Brass Band in the afternoon during which they separated the band into 4 groups (trumpets, horns, trombones, big brass). They gave us valuable tips on warming up and sound improvement after which they worked with the whole band and practised a few pieces with us.

In the evening the quintet presented a 45 minute concert in the school hall which was well attended. They took the audience through a variety of musical styles and played music from different cultures. They demonstrated their exceptional skills on a diverse range of brass instruments, from the tiny piccolo trumpet to the huge tuba.