Thoughts on being back

It’s good to be back. I think I have come to appreciate contact lessons, but it’s been hectic! JM

School has changed for the better. It is as if I am entering a new place. NM

I am happy to, once more, be part of the great family. NB

It’s great to have something returning to normal and to see everyone again. I can’t wait to get rid of my mask. HJ

Except for having to get up earlier, being back at school is exciting. It helps with studying and self-discipline. PG

It is so great to be back at school! MJ

It is wonderful to be back at school with my classmates and to learn from the teachers. MC

Being back at school is splendid with all the free space and noisy silence. ND

With assessments almost every day, my schedule is very tight. However, it is a relief to be back in class. MG

Being back at school has been challenging on some mornings but I am thankful as my studies went down the drain during online. MW

School is packed with extra lessons and no free time. JT

It is great except for early mornings. MH

Being back at school has been extremely wonderful. It feels like we were closed for so long. CM

Too much work! I’m already tired. GM

School is fine so far but without the others it is quiet – there is something missing. SJ

To be in bed until 12 has become a luxury. SS

Back at school creates a more repetitive structure than online learning but the time still passes fast enough. Wearing masks is quite different but we’re getting used to it and it feels quite normal already. EH

Drowning in a sea of work. TS

Excitement, anxiety and anticipation have been part of my life since I have been back at school but it has been awesome. LD

It feels good to be back and to see my friends and classmates alive and well. SD

School has been very busy with test after test after test. HK

It’s good to have the teachers teaching us again. SM

Sanitising all the time! NG