Online Learning

Online learning became a reality at the beginning of Term 2 in April, replacing contact lessons as a result of the national lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. High school learners and staff were trained in the use of the Microsoft Teams learning platform before the close of the first term.

Training in a program and working with the program are two different scenarios but with extensive assistance from the IT team, learners and staff managed online learning quite capably. Learners were also educated using workbooks and other digital platforms.


I found the schoolwork part of online school great. No tests, orals exams and the rest. I love the day timetable as well – suits me very well. I just wish there was a bit more “offline” social interaction.

I always thought home schooling would be fun but now I really appreciate going to school. I don’t think there has ever been a time where I wanted to go to school as much as now.

I like eating break at home but there are not many friends.

I can wake up later and I don’t have to wear a uniform. It goes quicker than school. I like online schooling because it goes faster but there are no friends to chat to.

School is…ish! A mind blank. Online school is…ish! Load shedding.

The upside of online learning is that it gives us the opportunity to plan study time around the rest of the day. You can start at whatever time you feel like it and there is no pressure. You take things one step at a time. The downside if that there is no teacher. There is little or no face to face interaction. You don’t get to communicate with your classmates and see whether they have same problems as you. It feels like the work is too much for you to bear.

I find online schooling fantastic since we can stay at home and learn while supporting our parents and seeing them each day. This type of schooling has improved my computer skills and I understand technology better. It has taught me how to prioritise. Although I miss sport, classes and the company at school, it would not be a problem to continue with online schooling since it is the future of education.

I enjoy working at my own pace but sometimes it’s difficult to figure out how to do the Maths or Physics without a teacher having taught it first. It was a nice learning curve.

Online learning has sharpened our self-discipline. It has taught me to think through a problem (in Maths and Physics) myself, whereas previously I would be quick to ask a classmate or teacher for help. I have enjoyed the experience, but I am looking forward to getting back to normal school again and see the teachers and my friends and perhaps take part in sport.

I am starting to get square eyes.

School at home is not so great. I want to go back to pre-primary.

Work in silence, let your success be the noise.

I enjoy doing each subject’s work whenever I like. I miss having my previous work to refer to.

I miss my friends a lot but at least I don’t need to colour in so much.

I enjoyed figuring out the work myself, but it was a bit frustrating waiting for answers to questions.

Online learning has been an exciting and new experience. Thank you for the effort and input from the teachers.

I like doing work at home because Mommy helps me but I get less confused at school especially in Zulu and Afrikaans. I miss my friends and teachers.

I like working at my own pace but it gets boring and lonely.

If one is facing a stormy sea, the hundreds of waves can seem overwhelming until one realises that they only break one at a time. Don’t look at school as a single endless task. Rather approach it as many individual tasks that can be completed one by one. If one approaches school this way, it not only becomes manageable but rewarding as well. Philip

Online schooling is one of those races that we had not signed up for and yet we find ourselves on the course. But we do not run as those without hope since we are privileged to be part of a virtual school, have dedicated teachers and receive reassuring assemblies daily. Nozuko