The school level competition was held on 2 May at DSS. The competing bridges were generally well designed and constructed. Ludwig McGill, Oswald McGill and Tim Walz took third position. Their bridge carried a load of 244.5kg and their final score was 351 points. This score includes other facets of the bridge such as aesthetics … Read more


The Grade 10 girls went adventure camping from 7 to 9 October. Together with Misses Heckel, Knieper and Vosloo, they braved the outdoors and temporarily settled in a nearby forest surrounded by game. The girls were expected to build a shelter in which to sleep, collect firewood and cook their meals over campfires. They took … Read more


The boys adventure camp could finally go ahead after being delayed by COVID earlier in this year. We revisited our old camping site in an indigenous forest. Rain was forecast so the boys really had to build good shelters, which they did, but when there was a short bout of rain some shelters were classified … Read more

Comments from Class of 2021

The Class of 2021 returned to contact learning on 1 February, after starting the year online. Here are some of their comments: “Never in the last 12 years have I been so grateful to return to school.” NW Offline schooling is much better than online schooling. Soonjong Son Being at school has tested our self-discipline … Read more