Award Assembly Term 4

20151126 Award Assembly  032 - wunderphoto 2

Term 4 Award Assembly took place on 26 November. Matric learners, Sanele Mkhize and Andrea Stegen, directed the programme, as a final contribution to their school. 

Tusani Chonco and Andile Dumakude presented the Bible reading in English and IsiZulu respectively. The reading was taken from Luke 2:4-15. 
Mrs Mthiyane assisted with the presentation of the awards. In this assembly learners are awarded for their annual academic achievements through the Subject Achivement Award. This award is presented learners for each subject in which s/he achieved 80%+. This year 11 learners in Grade 7 achieved Subject Achievement Awards, 17 in Grade 8, 16 in Grade 9, 9 in Grade 10, 7 in Grade 11 and 13 learners in Grade 12. Athletes, cricketers, netball and soccer players also achieved team and individual awards. Olympiad and Speech & Drama learners were presented with their awards too. 
The programme was interwoven with singing and music in the typical DSS fashion.

Congratulations to each and every learner.