20150416 Wessa quiz 089 wunderphoto

It was a first for DSS – a Wildlife Evening on 16 April.

The purpose of the evening was to select the two best teams to represent the school at the WESSA Enviro quiz  on 12 May at Wembley College in Greytown. Learners came well-prepared to face the challenge of a diverse range of questions. Seven teams of four members each participated, and they were adjudicated by six judges. Everyone pitted their wits against the seven rounds of questions. There was a range of images, visual clips, audio clips and fast knowledge-based questions. In the fun round the teams were presented with bags containing various plants and creatures – dead and alive. The snakes caused the greatest stir among learners and audience alike.

Sabina Allen, Rita Joosten, Carmen Stegen & Anneke Wunderlich took the second place with 45 points. The first position went to the slightly more knowledgeable boys who obtained 46.5 points: Karl Haux, Philip Meyer, Ndumiso Mkhize & Mnotho Nyembe.

The teams have a month in which to improve their knowledge of all things wild and natural before entering the regional WESSA competition in May.