FFS Expo for Young Scientists


DSS took part in the Durban FFS Expo for Young Scientists held on 19, 20 July. 160 projects were displayed from various schools. Of the 160 projects, 12 projects were from DSS. Of these 12 projects, 2 got 2nd class awards and 9 got 1st class awards. Of the 9 1st class awards, 8 projects received medals.

The following learners received 2nd class awards:

1. Estelle Pretorius with Whodunit?
2. Linda Knieper and Micaela Joosten with Acceleration

The following learners received 1st class awards

1. Anneke Wunderlich and Esther Graf with Bananas in Pajamas
They received an award for the Best Junior Poster

2. Sabina Allen and Rita Joosten with Food for Thought
They received a bronze medal.

3. Jasmin Husslig with Bleachy Blotches
She received a bronze medal

4. Frieda Mout and Doris Lee with Lets go Jump
They received a bronze medal

5. Madeli Marloth and Juliana Matveyuk with Right is Right
They received a silver medal

6. Zama Nyembe with Optical Illusion
She received a gold medal

7. Iliya Matveyuk & Joseph Grobler with GO-ECO
They received a gold medal

8. Heinrich Marloth with Peak Performance
He received a gold medal as well as the best junior project

9. Msizi Mkhize and Scott Ko with Hydro3Dynamics
They received a gold medal as well as the Best Senior Project and they also
received the Best Water-related Project.

These learners received a cash prize. Those who received medals have the opportunity to go on a sponsored science tour.

Congratulations to all learners who participated.