Athletics 2008

The new field was ready for the Interhouse Athletics meeting held on 1 and ? October, albeit a bit sandy. Thank you to Mr Karl Heinz Duvel and those who so ably assisted him.

With the track being on the sandy side one did not expect many new records to be set. However, 22 new records were set and one was equalled. 11 of those records were track records, most of them in the junior age categories. André Engelbrecht improved the Boys 14 years 200m record by almost a whole second to 26,6s on the sandy track! He also set a new record in the 100m event. Another impressive performance was that of Timothy Olsen who improved the Boys 15 years Javelin record by more than 3m to 46,33m. Mamazane Maphanga cut off almost 30 seconds from the Girls 19 years 3000m event with her time of 14:09.9. Both Jaco Coetzee and Joshua Lopes improved the Turbo Javelin records in their respective age groups by a number of metres.

A number of athletes competed strongly for the Junior Victrix Ludorum award: Anita Engelbrecht, Sara Knieper, Linda Knieper, Maria Fourie and Londiwe Majola. Londiwe beat Maria with just 10 points to win the award.
The Junior Victor Ludorum award was also a close race between Gabriel Maphanga, Nkazimulo Gingqi, Heinrich Marloth, Janek Stegen and Gabriel van Eeden. Gabriel Maphanga and Nkazimulo Gingqi tied for the award.
Dorcas Maphanga won the Senior Victrix Ludorum award followed by Samukelisiwe Khoza.
Mthetho Ngubane, Sifiso Ngema, Lethu Kunene, Timothy Olsen and Gerrit Jan Roos were all in the run for Senior Victor Ludorum award but it was Mark Stegen who got the highest ASA score to win the award.

We entered a record number of 120 athletes for the Northern Natal Zonal athletics meeting. Other schools that competed were Faith Christian School from Newcastle, Estcourt Christian Academy, Ichthus Christian School from Dundee and Bergville Christian Academy.
There were age category awards for boys and girls in U9, U11, U13, U15, and U19. Domino Servite won all the awards except for boys U9. The age category winners were as follows: Girls U9 – Phumelele Khumalo
Girls U11 – Sara Knieper
Boys U11 – Heinrich Marloth
Girls U13 – Anitha Engelbrecht
Boys U13 – Gabriel van Eeden
Girls U15 – Sikhanyile Ngubane
Boys U15 – Gabriel Maphanga
Girls U19 – Dorcas Maphanga
Boys U19 – Marc Stegen
Gabriel van Eeden won the award for the best male individual performance for his score of 885 in High Jump and Sara Knieper for the best female individual performance for her score of 715 points.
Those who qualified represented Northern Natal at the KZNCSSA Provincial Track and Field Championship.


A record number of 95 athletes proceeded to the KZNCSSA Provincial Track and Field Championship. A total of 128 medals; 48 gold, 39 silver and 41 bronze were won.
5 KZNCSSA records were broken and one was equalled. Joshua Lopes set a new record in Boys 10yrs Turbo Javelin with a distance of 29,73m. Nkazimulo Gingqi set a new record in Boys 14yrs Discus with a distance of 30,33m. Timothy Olsen set a new record in Boys 15yrs Javelin with a distance of 46,85m. Dorcas Maphanga set a new record in the Women Youth 200m event with her time of 28,0s and Mamazane Maphanga set a new record of 5:48,7 in Women Junior 1500m. Heinrich Marloth was the Junior Victor Ludorum with a total of 3078 points. Gabriel van Eeden was in second position with 2857 points. He did very well in High Jump. Dorcas Maphanga was awarded Senior Victrix Ludorum for her total of 2552 points, having won gold in all four of her events. S’khanyi Ngubane was 5th overall. Gabriel Maphanga was joint Senior Victor Ludorum with Caleb Bouchier from Victory Christian Academy, both having accumulated exactly 3200 points. Not far behind them were Mark Stegen in 4th position and Nkazimulo Gingqi in 5th position. Northern Natal won the trophy for the team with the most points after Durban North led for most of the competition.


52 athletes proceeded to represent KZN at the aQuellé SACSSA National Track and Field Championship. Mamazane Maphanga was appointed as one of the KZN team captains. This competition was at its highest level ever with a record total number of entries. Athletes came from as far afield as Zimbabwe. 10 regions were represented, namely the Free State, G7, Gauteng, KZN, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Southern Cape, Vaal West, Western Province and Zimbabwe.
Domino Servite athletes won a total of 41 medals; 15 gold, 15 silver and 11 bronze (excluding the relays.)

Medal Winners
Athlete Item Performance Score Medal
Buthelezi Nicodemus Men Junior 5000m 17:40.7 457 Silver
Buthelezi Nontokozo Women Junior Discus 24.33 375 Silver
Buthelezi Nontokozo Women Junior Long Jump 4.21 546 Gold
Coetzee Jaco Boys 11 Turbo Javelin 30.08 581 Bronze
Engelbrecht Anita Girls 13 1500m 05:35.7 636 Bronze
Geldenhuys Louis Men Youth 800m 02:03.5 793 Bronze
Geldenhuys Louis Men Youth 1500m 04:32.9 623 Bronze
Gingqi Nkazimulo Boys 14 800m 02:19.8 690 Bronze
Gingqi Nkazimulo Boys 14 Javelin 37.72 637 Bronze
Joosten Anja Girls 14 800m 02:44.4 568 Silver
Joosten Elona Women Youth 400m 65.96 539 Silver
Joosten Elona Women Youth 3000m 13:33.9 189 Gold
Khoza Samukelisiwe Women Youth Javelin 28.43 539 Silver
Khumalo Philile Girls 10 Turbo Javelin 16.54 456 Silver
Lopes Jonathan Boys 15 800m 02:12.9 746 Gold
Lopes Joshua Boys 10 Turbo Javelin 30.16 642 Gold
Maphanga Dorcas Women Youth 100m 12.92 791 Silver
Maphanga Dorcas Women Youth Triple Jump 9.84 672 Gold
Maphanga Dorcas Women Youth Long Jump 4.72 695 Gold
Maphanga Dorcas Women Youth 200m 28.95 567 Bronze
Maphanga Gabriel Boys 14 High Jump 1.65 911 Silver
Maphanga Gabriel Boys 15 Triple Jump 10.78 716 Silver
Maphanga Mamazane Women Junior 800m 02:50.8 312 Silver
Maphanga Mamazane Women Junior 3000m 12:36.9 309 Gold
Maphanga Mamazane Women Junior 1500m 05:49.4 308 Gold
Maphanga Nomusa Women Junior 100m 14.58 483 Bronze
Maphanga Nomusa Women Junior 200m 33.55 229 Gold
Marloth Heinrich Boys 10 High Jump 1.22 831 Silver
Marloth Heinrich Boys 10 Long Jump 4.24 929 Gold
Marloth Heinrich Boys 10 80m 11.58 729 Gold
Marloth Heinrich Boys 10 100m 14.91 746 Gold
Ngema Sifiso Men Junior Triple Jump 12.67 699 Bronze
Ngema Sifiso Men Junior Long Jump 5.77 650 Silver
Ngubane S’khanyi Girls 14 Long Jump 4.3 713 Bronze
Nkala Bonumusa Men Junior 800m 02:08.1 603 Silver
Nkala Bonumusa Men Junior 1500m 04:42.8 457 Gold
Olsen Timothy Boys 15 Javelin 46.45 710 Gold
Stegen Janek Boys 10 Turbo Javelin 29.11 615 Silver
Stegen Marc Men Youth High Jump 1.8 803 Bronze
Stegen Nydia Women Junior Long Jump 4.09 520 Silver
Van Eeden Gabriel Boys 13 High Jump 1.46 829 Gold
New SACSSA records were set by Joshua Lopes in Boys 10 Turbo Javelin and by Mamazane Maphanga in Women Junior 1500m.
Three athletes achieved SACSSA colours – Heinrich Marloth, Gabriel van Eeden and Marc Stegen. Heinrich Marloth was awarded the trophy for the Junior Victor Ludorum.

Prisma Comms
24 athletes were invited to represent SACSSA at the largest inter-club athletics meeting in South Africa – the Prism Comms Track and Field Championship in Pretoria. Unfortunately only nine athletes were able to accept the invitation. SACSSA won only six gold medals of which two were won by Domino Servite athletes. Jaco Coetzee won gold in Boys 11 Turbo Javelin with a new PCA meeting record of 32,61m and Mamazane Maphanga won gold in Women Junior 5000m. Gabriel van Eeden won silver in Boys 13 High Jump with a height of 1,5m and Nontokozo Buthelezi won bronze in Women Junior Long Jump. It was a great privilege to compete against some of the country’s top athletes.

We have had a long and successful athletics season. We need to build on our successes and improve the quality of our training and performance.

Mr M Pretorius