Prefects Leadership Camp

On 24 January the prefects of 2020 attended Camp Solomon, near Albert Falls Dam to build leadership skills and teamwork. From the onset, they were required to demonstrate their ability to work together when they were told to find their way from the Umgeni River to the campsite using a map. Upon arrival they were shown how to pitch a tent and learned the do’s and don’ts of camping – a first for some! A variety of activities included a rope obstacle course, building a stable and strong A-frame and creating shapes with a long rope while the whole team was blindfolded.

A delicious lunch was provided but supper was their responsibility. They had to collect firewood, build a fire, chop up the vegetables – and do the cooking! The Friday evening talk by Dave Allen, the owner of the camp, provided valuable skills.

Saturday morning started with an early nature walk which turned out to be a mud wade. After breakfast the tents dismantled. A quick stop at KFC on the way home was a treat for all.