The DSS Stage Production Ai-we-dah was “how-how-how!” – good-good-good! in the Chinese dialect that Gladys Aylward spoke.

It was good in many ways – it taught us the goodness of God towards His children who obey Him. It taught us the unforgettable story of an incredible person and what can be achieved by one small woman.

Gladys Aylward left her British homeland in 1930, travelled across the vast Asian continent to fulfill her God-given commission of bringing the gospel to the Chinese people. Facing many challenges, as well as illness and war, she became known as Ai-we-dah – The Virtuous One.

A committed main cast, a large supporting cast and a vital technical cast all contributed to the success and enjoyment of the production which took place on 20 August..

Gladys Aylward – Lidia Meyer
Alan Burgess, BBC reporter – Alan Burgess
Jeannie Lawson, a Chinese missionary – Skhanyi Ngubane
Yang, the Chinese cook – Jan Joosten
Feng, Chinese prisoner – Gabriel Maphanga
Chinese Mandarin – Timothy Olsen
Queen Elizabeth II – Gerry Mout