FFS Expo for Young Scientists


• There were 246 entries in this years’ EXPO for Young Scientist which was held at University of KZN on 28, 29 July.
• DSS entered 23 projects.
• Of the 23 projects 21 were awarded either 1st, 2nd or 3rd class.
• Of these 21 projects, 8 were awarded 3rd class, 9 – 2nd class and 4 were awarded 1st class.
• Of the 1st class projects, 2 achieved the Most Promising in Category, of the 2nd class projects – 4 achieved Most Promising in Category
• Of the 4 first class, 1 achieved a bronze medal
• Overall 6 projects received Most Promising in Category

3rd Class Awards went to the following learners:

1. Zama Nyembe for Density
2. David Geldenhyus and Jonny Pop for What to wear
3. Nonzuzo Mbambo for Refracted?
4. Evan Stegen and David Kang for Painting Force
5. Lidia Meyer for Soiled
6. Gerry Mout and Lola Lee for Dirty Hands?
7. Steven Tselane and Lindo Mkhanya for Rocketeer
8. Thlolo Mosebi and Gloria Kim for Born to lead

The following learners achieved 2nd Class awards:

Heinrich Marloth (most promising) for Accelaration Dynamics
Luc Allen (most promising) for Hot wheels
Msizi Mkhize for Hydro dynamics
Andrea Stegen for I think…
Cornelia Heckel (most promising) for Fuzzy foods
Gabrielle Huber and Jina Jung (most promising) for World Wide Worms
Diane Son and Bora Lim for Taste + smell = taste
Christabel Khwela and Sonto Mdlalose for The blow zone
Jonas Graf and Stephan Stegen for Performance quarrel

The following learners achieved 1st Class awards:

Gina Park and Mpume Mkhize (most promising) for SolaSink
Ana Graf and Kathy Lee (most promising) for quick Click
Annie Basson and Yura Ahn for Tanspiration. They also received the prize for the best poster in the senior category.
Madeli Marloth and Frieda Mout for Purple Pleasure. They also received a bronze medal and will go on a sponsored Science tour.