Pre-primary Parents Evening

On 23 March, the parents of the pre-primary learners met with the DSS staff.

Miss Leach set a friendly tone as MC, with Miss Buthelezi as her translator. Mrs Haux introduced the newly made booklet entitled “39 Things you should know about DSS Pre-Primary” and addressed a few issues. Miss Newlands emphasized the importance of keeping to basic principles when bringing up children, regardless of differing trends. She presented a short Power Point where Nikki Bush highlights the importance of multi-sensory experiences for young learners and the lack of this when using screens (iPads, smartphones, cell phones etc) as alternatives. In conclusion, Miss Newlands gave the parents ample food for thought on how to expose children to multisensory experiences in and around the home, as well as the importance of praying for our children.
Everybody benefited from the time together and the evening ended with enjoyable interaction over refreshments.