DSS WESSA Wildlife Quiz

IMG 0129

The DSS WESSA Wildlife Quiz took place on the evening of 29 March.

Beautiful pictures of wildlife and landscapes challenged the knowledge of both learners and the audience. A yawning hippo in the sound round caused a few giggles around the hall and bird calls sang out, loud and clear. This year we introduced more information about endangered and invasive species, which affect our South African environment – especially our water resources. Plants were also under the sportlight in preparation for the regional competition.
The scores at the end differed immensely from those at half time and the tension was tangible. The evening was enjoyed by all and the teams who took the top two positions look forward to participating at the regional competition at Greytown High School in May.

1st position: Nadine Engelbrecht, Annelie Engelbrecht, Monica Allen, Ria Combrink
2nd position: Lisa Haux, Elsi Haux, Stefanie Wunderlich, Nicola Wunderlich
3rd position: Rina Geldenhuys, Melanie Engelbrecht, Simone Jeromin, Christine Knieper