A Fishy Fun Day

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Fun Day for the smallies this year was a fishy, watery story.

On 19 June the children were invited to Mnotho Nyembe’s fishing spot (school hall) where he had a real boat, rods and many other fishy things to see and places to visit. The Preschool children, Foundation Phase learners and kid visitors were welcomed and hosted by the Grade 11 class who managed the fishy spots (activity stations) and assisted the children.

On arrival, children were given a large name card with a fish on it. After listening to Mnotho’s fishing stories, they could stop at various spots and take part in the numerous fishy activities for small prizes, of course. ‘Kick the ball through the fish’ obviously required some gross motor co-ordination skills. ‘Give me a tail’ is a popular activity where children pin the missing tail back onto the unfortunate fish. ‘Fishing for a bottle’ was very popular especially because the bottles were not just any old bottle, but aQuelle!
Various other skills were required for blowing a ball along a ‘river’, aiming for fishs eye (bulls eye) with a top or ball, hitting a balloon with a dart and many others.

It is obvious that Fun Days are a vital part of the school calendar.