Regional Technology Competition


Learners were required to build a jumping device, which could perform one or more of the following functions, each tested individually within a period of ten minutes:

• Jump the furthest distance – 70% of total score
• Perform as many somersaults as possible – 20% of total score
• Make one somersault and land on its base – 10% of total score

 Learners’ machines could be powered using hydraulic, pneumatic, gravity and/or elastic energy, but had to be build using a specified list of materials.

The top three DSS teams participated at the Regional Technology Olympiad which took place in Durban on 24 August.
Of the 13 teams that participated at KZN regionals DSS achieved:
3rd position: David Geldenhuys, David Graf & Heinrich Marloth 
2nd position: Luke Allen, Janek Stegen & Caleb Thiem
1st position: Joseph Grobler, Iliya Matveyuk & Johnny Pop

Well done, lads!