A Helping Hand @ DSS was introduced by the prefects in February 2021. They spearheaded the program over a few months which covered complex topics such as prejudice, racism, rights and responsibilities, diversity and discrimination. Facing adversity, filling the gap, perseverance, finding your identity, not playing the victim and a number of mini topics were interwoven.

Numerous men and women were portrayed as examples of these many qualities such as Hudson Taylor, Abrahan Lincoln, William Wilberforce, Harriet Tubman, Ron Hamilton, Helen Keller, Erlo Stegen, Nick Vujicic to name a few. Many Biblical heroes exemplified these characteristics.

Learners were given the opportunity to submit suggestions for what they wanted in their school and they did. Some of their submissions:
We embrace our differences and gain strength by being one.
The school has no place for racism, xenophobia, gender-based violence, bullying or any other form of discrimination.
We are happy to be here.
We are loyal to our school.
God is in first place.
We are thankful to Him for the school and for the privileges we can experience.
I strive to build people up and bring positivity into their lives.

The submissions were compiled into The Declaration which was presented at a ceremony hosted by the prefects on 26 November 2021. Learners and old scholars were in attendance.

We are one is serving God. He is in first place.
We strive to build each other up by placing the needs of others above our own.
We treat everyone with respect regardless of ability, race or status.
Our aim is to be responsible and helpful. We are committed to going the extra mile, running with perseverance in all we do.
Our perspective on life is gratitude.

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