Staff First Aid Course


Together with others, seven staff of DSS attended a First Aid Course conducted by Sister Robyn Armstrong from Choice Care Training on 12 June.
We arrived knowing very little, for instance how to put a plaster on a sore knee, and how to give a little TLC. However, at the end of the 2 day course, we knew how to save a life through CPR. We learned how to assess injuries and take control of situations. We had practice handling head & spinal injuries on willing volunteers. Visuals were helpful and we were able to do a lot of practical for all kinds of senarios. We ended the course by writing a test after which we received our certificates for Basic Life Support including CPR and Level 1 First Aid.
We were impressed by Sister Robyn Armstong’s professionalism and patience! She is a certified instructor in BIS and First Aid with the American Heart Association and International Training school. She is a registered nurse, midwife, Community health sister, AIDS councellor and has a Diploma in nursing pharamacology. We realised that in the medical world, ignorance is not bliss but knowledge is vital.