The day was decked out in the vibrant colours of orange, lime green and black. Orange for Morris, lime green for Murray and black for ViV, the latest range of drinks from aQuellé formulated for sportsmen and women. But orange dominated the day with Morris earning the winning trophy with a total of 1734 points. Murray took second position with 1557 points.

This was a unique sports event…no spectators, no parents, no braai fires going, no ‘physical’ cheering…but there was a great deal of ViV – life! For the first time in history, parents watched the event livestreamed. Parents and grandparents could watch their children performing in spite of Covid restrictions. Learners and officials sped through the programs without any serious hitches. The athletes were true to form – setting 27 new records!

Elsi Haux and Kayla Witthoft set 4 records each; Alex Gideon, Anneli and Nadine Engelbrecht, 3 records each and Herman Meyer and Aaron Vermaak set 2 records each.

Morris athletes won all the trophies this year: Junior Victrix Ludorum, Kayla Witthoft (ASA 3476);
Junior Victor Ludorum, Alex Gideon (ASA 2741); Senior Victrix Ludorum, Elsi Haux (ASA 3195); Senior Victor Ludorum, Luke Bosman (ASA 2818)

What a Viv competition!