SAICE-DUT-MNA Water Competition

The Pietermaritzburg South African Institution of Civil Engineering (SAICE) Committee hosted their 3rd Regional High School’s “Aqualibrium” Water Competition on Saturday, 21 May 2011. Teams from various schools such as Domino Servite, Northbury Park Secondary, St. Charles College, Maritzburg College and Raisethorpe Secondary participated in this event.
The aim of the competition was to distribute 3 litres of water from a “reservoir” bucket equally into three “conservancy tank” buckets placed within a network reticulation system using different sizes of pipes and fittings. The teams were ranked according to the number of penalty points obtained. This competition is to simulate such a network with a practical model, giving learners some insight into the functioning of such distribution systems and the complexity of the design.
Domino Servite (Team 2) won 1st place, Kharina 2nd place and Maritzburg College won 3rd place.