SAICE-TCTA Schools Water Competition

The 2011 Challenge

The teams are tasked with designing a model water distribution network to distribute three litres of water equally between three points on a sixteen-point grid using two different diameter pipes and connection pieces. They are then judged on how well they execute the task – working on a penalty points system. They have a period of about an hour in which to design, build and operate their network. This competition exposes learners to the practical application of processes that influence their daily lives, which is how water gets to their homes. They are made aware of the intricacies involved in the design of water distribution networks and the actual water delivery to households.

The finals of SAICE-TCTA Schools Water Competition 2011 were held at the Sci-Bono Discovery Centre in Newtown, Johannesburg on Friday 29 July 2011.
Winners of the regional competitions came to Johannesburg from as far as Cape Town, East London, Richards Bay and Port Elizabeth, to battle the local winners for top honours.
The 2011 champions with 148 penalty points conceded were from Stirling High School in East London. In the second place was Domino Servite with 180 penalty points. The team members were Jonas Graf, Jan Joosten and Stephan Stegen. In the third spot was Tembisa West Secondary School from Midrand with 190 penalty points. They shared the prize-money of R17 100-00.