Grade 10 Girls Adventure Camp

It was a very excited class of girls who arrived at school with their bags packed and ready for the annual adventure camp from 8-10 Feb.

The group hiked to the campsite and on arrival their first task is to build something good enough to sleep in. The girls also prepared the ‘bush toilet’ for the weekend. Enough firewood had to be collected to get the campfires going and keep them burning through the night to keep away unwanted wildlife. Supper consisted of the traditional ‘stokbrood’ and ‘boerewors’ which was a first for most of the campers.
During the evening the teams were introduced, a few short skits were performed, then it was singing and sharing around the fire, braaing marshmallows, eating chocolate and Marie biscuits. The teams took turns guarding the camp during the night and keeping the fires going.
Slaughtering the chickens for lunch the next day was a tough and tedious process. It took a long time before the chickens were in the pots. Besides cooking, the girls enjoyed problem solving activities with Mrs Marloth and Miss Vosloo until supper time. We ate the chicken for supper, although it was a rather tough process. In the evening we learned about the stars.
After a final visit to the waterfall on the Saturday, we headed home. It was an unforgettable experience.