KZNCSSA Junior Winter Sport

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The KZNCSSA Junior Winter sport competition took place on 5,6 may at VCA. Our little athletes tried their best and performed well

Cross Country
6 yr 1km
Iris Meyer Bronze, Jens Engelbrecht Bronze

7 yr 1km
Elena Stegen Silver, Ella Bosman Gold, Mika Schmunk Gold

8 yr  1km
Tanya Gideon Bronze, Rudi Combrink Bronze, Kai Vermaak Silver

9 yr 2km
Gideon van der Walt Bronze

10 yr 2km
Alex Gideon Silver

13 yr Girls 3km Boys 4km
Renee Green Bronze, Liezl Green Gold
Khulekani Mzolo Bronze

Team Sports
Girls 13 Hockey Silver
Played 2 matches, won both qualified to play final where they lost to Ichtus A

Girls 13 Netball
Played 4 matches, won 2 lost 2 did not make it through to the semi-finals.

Boys 13 Soccer Silver
Played Impact tied
Played Durban Christian Centre won, qualified to go to quarter-finals won
Semi-finals game vs Ichtus won
Played Victory Christian Academy in Finals and lost

Boys 11 Soccer Gold
Played 3, won all three, qualified to go to the finals
Finals vs Victory Christian Academy won