2016 Prize Giving Ceremony

016Prize Giving

Prize Giving 2016 on 3 December, was an apt ending to an eventful anniversary year.

Guests, relatives, friends and learners were entertained, educated, inspired and motivated. A contingent of Australians were our special guests this year: Dr and Mrs Sears, Australian education consultant together with Mr and Mrs Jaeger, Principal and Board Chairman of DSS College, Australia.

Dr Sears established Craigmore Christian School in 1981 and was its principal for the first 25 years. He did a master’s degree in Educational Administration, after which did his doctorate with his focus being ‘Principalship in Christian Schools’. In 2007, he got involved as an education consultant for a Christian Education ministry which supported a network of 180 Christian schools in the South Pacific and Indonesia

In his speech Dr Sears challenged the students about their rule of life. “Your rule of life is the thing that motivates the way that you live. Your rule of life is what drives your attitudes, your actions & your aspirations. Your rule of life is what defines the young man or young woman that you are today & will become in the future. What is your rule of life?”

He used the Biblical example of Samson, a man who had great potential & a great opportunity to make his mark in his generation but he wasted his potential & squandered his opportunity. In Judges 13v12 Samson’s father asked two questions regarding his son, “What will be the boy’s rule of life, (What would be his motivation?) & what will be his work?” (What would his life achieve?)

The rule of life for young people determines the choices they make, the things they value, the things they will strive to achieve, the things they set their heart upon and the things that really matter to them.
A successful life is measured by the value you add to yourself  as opposed to a significant life which is measured by the value you add to others. Using your potential to be a successful person is one thing, but it is far better to use your potential to be a significant person.

What is your rule of life? Is it to serve God or to serve self? What purpose do you want your life to achieve? Is it the purpose that God has for you, or is it some other purpose?
David the Psalmist said (Psalm 16:8), “I have set the Lord always before me”. This was how David ensured that his life was under the rule of God. In v11 he said, “You (God) will show me the path of life”. This would be how David would know the true and best purpose for his life and what it would achieve. And whatever that achievement would be, David knew that, “In (God’s) presence (and purposes) is fullness of joy, at (God’s) right hand are pleasures for evermore”.

Learners who achieved silver or gold merits, full colours or honours in various co-curricular, sport and academic activities, were awarded.

Sportswoman of the Year Sara Knieper
Sportsman of the Year Heinrich Marloth
School Dux Heinrich Marloth
aQuelle Make a Difference Awards Luke Allen, Mfihlakalo Ngqulunga
Good Fellowship Award Noluthando Nhlabathi

2017 Head Prefects Esther Graf & Matthias Heckel
2017 Deputy Head Prefects Luke Allen & Rita Joosten