WESSA Regional Environmental Quiz

Wessa Quiz 70

Two teams from DSS participated in the challenging WESSA Regional Competition this year on 10 May.

Alongside teams from Hermannsburg, Greytown and Wembly were A team: Esther Graf, Jasmin Husslig, Lisa Haux and Stefanie Wunderlich and B team: Melanie Engelbrecht, Rina Geldenhuys, Esther Jacobs and Christine Knieper.
The competition is very interesting and informative. The quiz master always emphasises that, as part of WESSA, the aim of the competition is to encourage people to get more involved in helping to sustain the wildlife and the natural beauty of South Africa. The learners enjoyed testing their knowledge and realised that they should focus more on plants in future competitions. A knowledge of alien or exotic plants is needed so that they can extracted and replaced with indigenous ones. The A team achieved 2nd position and the B team, 4th.
We wait to hear whether we will be invited to the national competition in Pietermaritzburg in August.