Foundation Phase Outing

DSC00559 2

Forty-plus bouncy children, teachers and drivers headed towards King Shaka International Airport early on Wednesday, 12 November.

The airport tour was very informative and some of the seasoned ‘flyers’ among the Foundation Phase learners surprised the tour guide with questions. The highlight was watching the immense planes take off and land. The bright orange Mango planes were the favourite!

The next stop was Animal Flag Farm where the children could experience farm life with cows, horses, ducks, chickens and many more animals. Although DSS children come from the rural area of Kranskop, they are not familiar with many of the farm animals. After lunch, which was served at the farm, the learners could feed the animals and there were competent staff to answer all their questions about the animals. The children even learnt a few exciting animal songs where they roared like lions and ‘swooshed’ like elephants’ trunks. They could enjoy pony rides and milk a cow, ‘one squish at a time’.

With a bunch of Foundation Phase children it would have been difficult not to have had an enjoyable and educational time!