On 15 & 17 May we hosted a Germs Day for our Foundation Phase and Pre-primary learners. To make the event more exciting, Mr Germ paid a surprise visit, delighting everyone.

The day was enjoyable and educational, focusing on improving young children’s handwashing habits, increasing their understanding of germs, and introducing them to scientific thinking (observation, prediction, experimentation, deduction, and drawing conclusions).

Our young scientists explored various areas of the school, collecting samples from surfaces to identify where germs are most prevalent. They participated in a handwashing activity using glove balloons and glitter to represent germs, illustrating how germs spread by touching different objects. They children learned how soap effectively eliminates germs and they created a germ map to show where germs are most likely hiding on hands. The activities were concluded with a special snack: a “germ bun” and Aquelle splash.