Careers Day

At Domino Servite we have long felt the need to expose our learners to events such as career expos to increase their awareness of career paths after school. Last year we made the decision to bring the careers exhibition to the learners instead of taking them to it.

After the successful 2007 Careers Day, during which we also invited neighbouring schools, the decision was taken to change the format for 2008. Instead of inviting exhibitors, we asked speakers to share their work experience with our Grade 10 to 12 learners on 15 May.

Miss Newlands closed the day with four video presentations. They tied in with Dr van Eeden’s appeal to the learners to consider serving others as an integral part of their career planning. These videos showed ordinary people, some still at school, who made a difference in their communities through selfless giving to those around them.

While we consider career counselling to be very important, we also aim to make our learners aware of the great spiritual and social needs in South Africa. It is our prayer as the staff that we will be able to instil in learners the realisation that life is not about personal and material success, but about making a difference in the lives of the people in the communities around us.

Mrs H Pretorius

Picture Gallery