Foundation Phase Eisteddfod

The evening of 9 October saw many little children and their nervous parents making their way to the Foundation Phase Eisteddfod where every child was given the opportunity to recite an English poem that they had chosen from a selection of three poems. Learners from Grade R to Grade 3 were seated at the front of the hall near the stage. Each one was called and the title of their poem was announced. Most of the little poets hopped onto the stage very confidently and proceeded to recite their poem with all the facial and oral expression they could remember and muster in those nervous moments. The pure relief when they had finished was almost palpable. It was a delightful experience which the audience thoroughly enjoyed. I’m sure that by the end of the evening some of the audience could already recite one or two of the poems that they heard most frequently such as The Apple and the Worm.

The Apple and the Worm
I bit an apple
That had a worm
I swallowed the apple
I swallowed the worm
I felt it squiggle
I felt it squirm
I felt it wriggle
I felt it turn
It felt all slippery, slimy, scummy
I felt it land PLOP
In my tummy
I guess that worm is there to stay
Unless I swallow a bird someday!

It was all worthwhile when each child received beautiful Certificate of Participation, a delicious cup cake and a bottle of cold juice to round off the evening.

Mrs E Gouws