Dr Stott

A very warm welcome to a new name but an old face on the staff of DSS – Dr Angela Stott. She was graced with this well-deserved title on 21 April 2009. Congratulations.


In her own words: I was awarded a PhD in Science Education. My dissertation was titled ‘Promotion of Critical Thinking in Physical Science’. I did action research on my own practise over a three-year period, using my grade 10 to 12 physical science learners as subjects. I sought ways to effectively promote critical thinking while also meeting the physical science curriculum outcomes. I found that it was possible to do this, although the intense syllabus pressure made it difficult. Amongst other findings, I derived an instructional approach, which I termed ‘The Ladder Approach’, which I found to be particularly effective in promoting critical thinking within a content-rich curriculum such as South Africa’s.