DSS Tecnology Olympiad 2010



The 2010 Challenge: Design & build a self-powered ball-shooter that can travel from the start area to the shooting area and shoot a tennis ball at the goals without human intervention. The power source of the ball-shooter may be mechanical, gravity, pneumatic, hydraulic or any combination of these. Friday 11 May saw the DSS Technology Olympiad take place in the Grade 8 class. The machines were judged on number of balls shot, aesthetics, maneuverability and efficiency.


Benjamin Hlongwane and Luthando Nyewulo took 5th position and their machine shot 5 balls. Jan Joosten and Stephan Stegen took the 4th position. Their machine shot 9 balls. 3rd position was taken by Jonas Graf, Etienne Hussling and Wouter-Jan Mout and their machine shot 8 balls. Snothi & Mthetho Ngubane came 2nd with their machine shooting 10 balls. The winners were Louis Geldenhuys, Jonathan Lopes and Jabulani Luthuli and their machine shot a massive 21 balls.