Cake for Speed Stacks

The sport of Speed Stacking is moving forward in leaps and bounds. The learners have progressed very nicely since the sport was introduced in Term 1. The learners were determined to raise money to buy the Speed Stacks mat with a timer.

Now if you know anything about the sport, it involves stacking ‘cups’ in a specific sequence in the fastest time possible with the least number of ‘fumbles’ possible. (Fumbles are mistakes – cup drops, slips, stacker knocks the cup over etc.) When we started we simply stacked the cups on a school desk and timed the sequence using the stop watch. But with a mat and timer, the player is automatically timed as he begins and ends the sequence. This is more accurate than using the stop watch.

These mats and timers are quite expensive but the Intermediate Phase held a cake sale on 9 September to raise money for three mats and timers. This also teaches children that as a child, one can also make a contribution when things are needed by the school.