The NCAYF takes place annually to encourage learners in oratory skills. There were 58 entrants in this year’s competition which took place on 9 September. 46 took part in Poetry Recitation, 7 took part in Story Telling and 5 took part in Public Speaking. Story Telling can take place in English, IsiZulu or Afrikaans, whereas Poetry Recitation and Public Speaking can only be done in English.
Mr James Parker, an author and dramatist himself, judged the entrants. He gave many helpful tips and invaluable advice on making oral presentations more effective and powerful. He was most impressed with the talent he saw and awarded a total of 44 A+ symbols, 10 A symbols and 4 B symbols. A number of learners were awarded money prizes.
The learners gained invaluable life skills as these oratory skills will always come in handy.