Gr 10 Boys Adventure Camp

The Grade 10 adventure camp held on 7-9 February was another success.

It is an adventure, not a survival camp, but even so, many of the basic comforts of home are lacking – soft mattresses, meals served by mothers, bathroom facilities and much more. Instead, the boys build a temporary shelter to protect themselves from the elements, build a fire, cook their own food and wash their own dishes.

In between the eating and sleeping, many activities were done to teach the boys the value of teamwork, communication and planning. In one activity, a message had to be communicated to other group members without seeing the person or speaking. This may sound easy, but finding a reliable way to communicate requires everyone to be on the same wavelength. This takes some doing.

Everyone was happy to return home, but valuable lessons were learned and the class members got to know each other in new and different ways.