FAST Community Service

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On 19 and 20 February, together with the Grade 10 learners, the FAST students also physically contributed by assisting in various places in the KSB community.

FAST students got stuck into the soil and dug a hole at the preschool for a sand pit. They also assisted by scrubbing the kitchen ceilings as well as doing ground work behind the auditorium.

Two comments: Our team was assigned to the preschool where we had to dig a hole that was 60cm deep, 2-3 metres long and 2 metres wide, The work started off and were tried to adapt to doing hard labour and not just sitting behind a desk pushing a pen. Xolani Rumathotho

On day one it was hard for us because we were digging a hole at the preschool. Most of us had never dug a hole before but we managed because we worked together. Kyle Makhanya