Imagine an outing on your doorstep…KwaSizabantu Mission! The Foundation Phase spent the day exploring the mission and finding out many things they did not know before.

The first stop was Emseni Bakery where they were shown how the various goodies are pressed out and made. The next stop was the farm where Baba Sokhela showed them the avo trees and taught them how to pick the fruit correctly. The hothouses, the pepper plants and the massive boiler were the next stop where Rita Joosten explained the growing process and also gave them peppers to eat.

On a game drive, they viewed the animals and stopped for a picnic break. At the packhouse, they saw how avos were packaged and even saw a container of avos being loaded for the harbour.
The highlight of the day were the pigs. They learnt how to care for pigs and were able to even pet some of them.

The last stop before lunch was the Emseni aQuelle plant. They viewed the entire bottling system and were each given a bottle of Viv.

The day ended with lunch at the Coffeeshoppe. Yum!