On 19 March, 2 Mini Cricket teams participated in the KZNCSSA Mini Cricket Festival at Redwood College in Durban. The teams participated in the 9–10-year-old age groups and each team played 2 matches.

Team 1 scores
DSS vs Impact Christian Academy. Impact 26 runs, lost 4 wickets. DSS 48 runs, lost 5 wickets.
DSS vs Kingsword Academy. Kingsword 29 runs, lost 9 wickets. DSS 68 runs, lost 3 wickets.

Team 2 scores
DSS vs Prescient Primary. Prescient 37 runs, lost 5 wickets. DSS 61 runs, lost 2 wickets.
DSS vs His Church School. His Church 37 runs, lost 7 wickets. DSS 65 runs, lost 2 wickets.